About the High South Event Professionals

The High Country’s Wedding Association

Behind the veil of a High Country wedding is a group of professionals dedicated to their craft, their clients and their community.

Welcome to the High South. Welcome to our team at High South Event Professionals.

Specializing in North Carolina weddings and events, HSEP is a collection of handcrafted, handpicked wedding vendors in the Blue Ridge Mountains—brought together by their passion to give every client an extraordinary wedding experience.

From our creative caterers and floral designers, to innovative photographers, planners and many of the most breathtaking venues in the Southeast, HSEP vendors are dedicated to transforming any wedding vision into the experience of a lifetime.

As the largest association of wedding vendors in the High Country, HSEP members are able to cater to the personalized needs of any client and budget from a small mountain elopement, to a weekend full of wedding festivities.

Their name gives nod to the legacy of the Appalachian Mountains; as many years ago locals and visitors alike knew the “High Country” as the “High South.”

Together, High South Event Professionals and print partner, High South Wedding Magazine, bring a team of amazing talent to the community.

A strong collection of imaginative, modern, and unparalleled wedding vendors—elevating all expectations.

Elizabeth Hempfling, HSEP President“People come to the High Country to get married because it’s an experience. It’s a weekend of festivities from cocktail parties and luncheons, to sky driving and of course, a wedding day experience unlike any in the South. It becomes a whole weekend for the guests, family and the beautiful bride and groom.”
– Elizabeth Hempfling, HSEP President