2019 Wedding Expo Registration

Thank you for registering, please see info below:


  • The Showcase Committee will gather all the names of vendors that chose vignette on their registration, and will separate them categories (planner, florist, photographer, rentals etc.)
  • One of each category will be drawn for each vignette
  • The teams will be notified on who they will work with, and will choose a theme. Themes must be approved by the committee to ensure that there is variance from one vignette to the next. By themes we mean rustic, or elegant, or winery, or, vintage. you get the idea.
  • The number of vignettes will be determined by the number of vendors registered for them
  • The Showcase Committee will provide each vignette with signage, as well as a cocktail table for marketing materials

Other Display Options:

  • Vendor “booth” tables
  • Slideshow running with images from photographers and venues.