Photo Booths by Cynthia ViolaInsured 

Outside the dance floor, the photo booth is often the most exciting place for your guests to party at your event! Something about it allows you to open up your silly side and really let your personality shine. You’ll love looking back through your gallery of booth images for years to come as each of your guests put their best, or silliest face forward!

In light of Covid, I have chosen a booth that requires the least amount of shared space and contact. There are no physical props to throw away or disinfect, instead there are digital props much like snap chat. There are no tight spaces to squeeze into, you can back up or spread out as far as you would like, and I will have sanitizer wipes positioned beside the booth for guests to wipe their hands before and/or after touching the start screen.

After the event, you and every person who used the booth will receive a full gallery of images in your own personal website to enjoy.

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